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Dr. White has over a dozen articles in professional peer reviewed journals as well as numerous book chapters.

He is the editor of a scholarly book about the involvement of corporations in higher education (Campus Inc: Corporate Power in the Ivory Tower. 2000:Prometheus Press).

Trauma treatment training for Bosnian and Croatian mental health workers.

Describes 2 training programs for mental health workers for treatment of trauma which were conceptualized, organized and carried out in 1995 in the former Yugoslavia. The goals of these programs were to 1) train indigenous mental health workers in effective methods for treating trauma, 2) evaluate and treat secondary posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among the mental health workers, and 3) develop regularly scheduled peer supervision/consultation groups, offering trainees frequent opportunities to discuss and practice new skills, which included a supervision component whereby, following each meeting, the questions and concerns of trainees would be sent to consultant/trainers. A method was developed for measuring and evaluating compassion fatigue and burnout among the trainees, and an efficient system of international supervision and consultation was implemented. Plans for development of this system to support future training and consultation programs are discussed.

An Empirical Investigation of Interaction and Relationship Patterns in Functional and Dysfunctional Nuclear Families and Stepfamilies

This study identifies key variables that distinguish nuclear families from step-families, and functional from dysfunctional stepfamilies. Sixty-three family triads (mother, father, child) were studied using five instruments: (1) Family Concept Test, (2) Locke-Wallace Marital Inventory, (3) Family Relations Test, (4) Family Interaction Task, and (5) background questionnaire. Results indicated that functional stepfamilies are similar to functional nuclear families in that both exhibit (1) good marital adjustment, (2) strong, positive bonds between biological parent and child, (3) disinclination to exclude family members, and (4) ability to make mutually compromised family decisions. The key differences were (1) less intense interpersonal involvement between the stepfather and child and (2) a stronger tendency toward the existence of parent-child coalitions in stepfamilies. Similarities between dysfunctional step-families and dysfunctional nuclear families include (1) stronger parent-child coalitions compared to their functional counterparts and (2) lack of mutual decision-making skills that fulfill the choices of individual members. Unexpectedly, marital adjustment was better in dysfunctional stepfamilies than in dysfunctional nuclear families. Relationship patterns were similar in functional stepfamilies and in dysfunctional stepfamilies except that they were more extreme in the dysfunctional stepfamilies. Results are discussed in terms of theoretical implications for understanding stepfamilies, and clinical implications in terms of how dysfunctional stepfamilies might best be treated.

3 Kinds of Sex All Men Crave

You may be convinced that you have your man's carnal code cracked, but there isn't just one way to unlock his passion. In fact, his lusty leanings can change with his hormones, stress levels, and even the time of day, explains Los Angeles psychologist and sex therapist Geoffry White, PhD. Get a read on exactly when - and how - your guy wants to be wowed in the sack by checking out our sexy hints. You'll reap the pleasurable benefits too.

You're In Love (But Will It Last?)

In fact, PREPARE is not intended to give marriage the green or red light. "Ethically and professionally, I can't give a couple that kind of feedback," says Geoffry White, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles. "If the Scores were poor, I would tell them, 'From the way this looks, the two of you are facing a lot of obstacles, and it would not be advisable to get married until you've made progress in these areas.' I would also quote research, saying: 'The issues you're concerned about now will not get better [by themselves]. They will get worse.'"


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