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Dr. White's political activity over the last 20 years has primarily but not exclusively focused on:

1. Campaign Finance Reform: He worked with a coalition (Common Cause, League of Women Voters, etc) on Proposition 208 to establish campaign finance limits for California. The initiative won but has been tied up in the courts ever since.

2. Clinton Election: He worked actively with local grass roots organizations on the 1992 Clinton Presidential campaign.

3. Single Payer Health Care Reform: He worked in 1992 on Prop. 186 and have worked at least 10 hours/week for the last three years on SB840 (Kuehl, West LA) which would establish universal health care using a single payer system.

4. Independent Presidential Candidates: He has worked for a variety of independent Presidential and gubernatorial candidates over the last 20 years.

5. Rock the Vote: A colleague and Dr. White developed a system to get out the vote among young people (Pledge to Vote) which was adopted by Rock the Vote. Their project was implemented during the 2008 Presidential race and praised as an innovative program that will be used in future elections.

California Physician's Alliance

The California Physicians' Alliance is a chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program and is focused on bringing a single-payer health program to California and to America.

Health Care For All Californians


Are you a musician without healthcare? If you have an accident or illness will you get the help you need? Are you afraid to quit your job because you won't have health insurance? Do you avoid seeing a doctor because it's too much of a hassle? You're not alone.

California's health care system is a tragic mess. Ten million people don't have any health coverage. When they get sick they suffer or wait for hours in crowded emergency rooms. If you're a musician you are especially at risk because you probably don't have a full time job that provides health insurance.

In most countries of the world health care is a right. It's not a benefit of employment or the privilege of the wealthy. They recognize that if someone is sick they pose a risk to everyone. That's why most countries have a system that covers everyone.

Campus, Inc.: Corporate Power in the Ivory Tower

The university, as a core institution of democratic society, is increasingly threatened by the intrusion of big business. Corporations are working their way into academe in both subtle and obvious ways: granting of exclusive concessions rights on campus to a soft drink manufacturer; use of a major portion of the resources, faculty, and research efforts of university departments by a particular company in exchange for modest funding; university administrators whose salaries are often doubled for service on the boards of important corporate contributors. Can faculty members remain independent under such heavy corporate influence?

CAMPUS, INC. not only describes the threat of corporatization, but provides real-life strategies, campaigns, and solutions to the problem. Successful efforts to take universities off the corporate auction block are becoming more common. A new era of student activism has helped roll back the sale of sweatshop-produced items in campus stores; the re-emergence of unions has helped faculty organize to prevent "hostile takeovers" of our publicly funded institutions; and effective strategies to re-democratize the university are increasingly available.

Pledge to Vote

This is a project I recently did with a friend of mine, Matt Schutte, to help get out the vote for the Presidential election. Rock the Vote adopted the project we proposed to them. It was called Pledge to Vote.

It provided free downloads (choice of musician from a good selection) for people who pledged to vote in the election. We designed a series of things to move them from registering to vote to actually voting. My original idea was to give free downloads when people proved they actually voted, but this is illegal - you can't give tangible rewards for voting - but of course you can for registering because this is what Rock the Vote has been doing for years. So, we came up with the next best thing.

Political Apathy Disorder: Proposal for a New DSM Diagnostic Category

Political Apathy Disorder (PAD) is proposed as a new DSM diagnostic category for the failure to develop a social conscience. The essential feature is a pervasive pattern of failing to help reduce human suffering in the world combined with overconsumption of society's limited resources. Those suffering from PAD fulfill the basic DSM criteria of a mental disorder: distress, disability, and increased risk of suffering death, pain, disability, or an important loss of freedom. It is proposed that failure to achieve the characteristics necessary to live a constructive moral life that benefits society should be considered grounds for inclusion in the diagnostic nomenclature.


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