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Permanent Weight Loss Psychotherapy Los Angeles

Permanent Weight Loss Therapy in Los Angeles

For the last several years Dr. White has had a lot of success using the "Beck Diet Solution Weight Loss Workbook" (Judith S. Beck, PhD) to help people lose significant weight and---most important---keep it off. Over the last 10 years Dr. Beck (one of the leading cognitive therapists in the world) has developed a scientifically based program for healthy weight loss. The average person loses 15 pounds in 10 weeks and continues to lose weight after that. Dr. White has personally steadily lost 25 pounds (from 210 to 185) over the last year. One of the most interesting things he's done is to facilitate a weight loss group for therapists. With Dr. Beck's blessing and guidance he organized a group of therapists who wished to lose weight. They followed the six week Beck program, had a lot of fun and everyone has been very satisfied with the results.

Dr Geoffry White has also published various articles about Permanent Weight Loss therapy.


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