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Humanitarian Psychologist: Activities

Dr. White has assisted in and often taken the lead in designing and implementing a variety of medical and mental health programs in Bosnia and Croatia during the 1992-05 war; Sri Lanka's tsunami (tidal wave disaster); cervical cancer epidemic in Southern Africa (Malawi) and Asia (Thailand); and New York in the immediate aftermath of the September 11 tragedy.

Survivors Art Foundation | "Head for Health" Show

Geoffry White: "Sarajevo Diary"

Photos and stories from children who survived the war in Bosnia 1992-1995

On a mission to save lives

An L.A. psychologist develops a pilot program for screening and treating African women with cervical cancer.

"Psychologists are missing the boat by not getting involved. I'm just one guy and look what I've done. We could multiply that by 100 and do some amazing things." - Dr. Geoffry White

'People Will Grieve for Years, Sometimes Forever'

"When people can't protect their families, the people they love, they start to deteriorate," said Dr. Geoffry White, a West Los Angeles psychologist who has worked in Bosnia-Herzegovina. "Some people will get violent, others will withdraw, some people will go out to the woods and hang themselves."

Trauma experts say they expect the emergence of both short- and long-term stress disorders. Suicides, eruptions of violence, psychosis and emotional withdrawal would be among the more extreme fallout. Far more common responses may include sleeplessness, hyper-alert behavior, suspicious or distrustful attitudes, panic and anxiety attacks, depression and nightmarish flashbacks.

Stopping a Silent Killer in Sub-Saharan Africa

It was almost by chance that Dr. White became involved in the fight against cervical cancer. It was 1995, and he had just returned to Los Angeles after working in Bosnia setting up psychosocial programs for war-traumatized Balkan refugees. In the process of looking for funds to send to Bosnian physicians, he became acquainted with several American gynecologists who told him of the pervasive horrors of cervical cancer in the developing world.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

I National Hummingbird Banding Workshop

During March, THC raised over $9000 for its Conservation Communities initiative. We are very grateful to Daryl Richardson, owner of the Dallas World Aquarium, and Geoffry White, well known LA Psychologist, for providing their time, space and opportunity to Luis Mazariegos to present our initiative. We thank all donors and the compassion of Geoffry and Daryl who understand the impact local communities have in the conservation of tropical rainforests and the implications for our planet's future.


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